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The director of School of Permaculture is against LGBTQ. He has posted 'pray away the ***' posts on his facebook and has lost me as a follower because of it. I don't care what kind of excuses he makes or that he took down the post now. This is too much! Permaculture is supposed to be free of religious coercion. He has made jokes about gays being stoned, using bible references. And speaking of the separation of Permaculture from religious... Read more

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I was hired by the charismatic cult leader to operate an excavator for his class. He didn't have money to pay when it came down to it (isn't that what they all say?) but he would trade me for some of his edumacational classes. Fat chance when he won't respond to communication. Interesting lunatic. Read more

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i attended a PDC with Nick and was also sexually approached,in the form of touching and innuendo as well as a number of high level disclosures like,"I have a large appetite for food and women"especially those who wear glasses.I wear glasses.He really creeped me out.He also spoke alot about himself and did not respond well to feedback that was not in line with his teaching.I told him in some areas swales where not appropriate,he responds to these... Read more

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In light of more people coming forward about the poor quality of instruction received by Nicholas Burtner, I felt I should share my experiences, too. I came out of my PDC VERY disappointed and wanted to ask for a refund. If the other instructors had not contributed and carried the weight of his lack, I definitely would have. Lots of name dropping, project claims, and accomplishments were cited but no backing was ever provided. I asked to see... Read more

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Nothing happened except a bunch of fake reviews on this site. Nicholas is probably the most experiences permaculture consultant in the DFW area. I've spoken to most of them and had several out at my property. He spent 3 hours with me touring the property and providing the most relevant and insightful feedback of all. The time spent with him was well worth the money as I'll avoid thousands of dollars in mistakes that I would have made... Read more

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Burtner is very misleading concerning his portfolio and actual experience with complete design and installs. He's been cited as claiming to be as well known as people like Darren Doherty and has insinuated that he knows more about Permaculture and regenerative design than Darren. All this while having only a few years experience into the Permaculture scene. He's attempted to design an underground house and has no engineering degree and offered... Read more

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Many people in the permaculture community have had similar experiences with Nicholas Burtner. Ranging from arrogance and a know-it-all attitude (sadly without knowing it all) to a picture of Jesus on his wall where he teaches that conveniently looks just like him. I took a short workshop with him and found his information to be very basic and when trying to correct him, he is quick to deflect or dismiss. He pays no attention to accepting... Read more

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