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Many people in the permaculture community have had similar experiences with Nicholas Burtner. Ranging from arrogance and a know-it-all attitude (sadly without knowing it all) to a picture of Jesus on his wall where he teaches that conveniently looks just like him.

I took a short workshop with him and found his information to be very basic and when trying to correct him, he is quick to deflect or dismiss.

He pays no attention to accepting feedback (a permaculture principle) especially from people more experienced from him. He also relentlessly advertises any class that he can by giving paltry information that links to his website.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $240. nicholasburtner is overall dissatisfied with School Of Permaculture and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about school of permaculture staff at School Of Permaculture was delusional person, lacking knowledge and messiah complex Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Bridgeport, Texas, United States #1113588

Even a simple question about the courses at School of Permaculture directed at Nicholas Burtner left me feeling uncomfortable. He answered my questions, but quickly turned the conversation to a religious message.

I have no problem with anyone having any belief they choose, but it is a poor business move to be evangelical during a simple conversation. Not being an evangelical Christian myself, I decided to not do business with the School of Permaculture or Nicholas Burtner.


This guy has serious issues!


It's actually nice to see a true review. Hopefully it will help him grow.

He needs to get a grip and stop trying to be everyone's savior. ugh. What a bummer.

Hopefully he gets a reality check soon and gets it together? we'll see.


Yeah, totally came off as a creep to me in the end.

to serj #1025626

This above comment was provided by another teacher, as feedback, after sharing the original complaint link with them. Posted with their permission.


omg! this is soo truth about Nick!!finally someone has posted this I love it!!!

lol!! his chicken dance during the whole class?

soo unprofessional! we all were soo disappointed of his attitude and knowledge, that I felt like it was waste of money.


I would not recommend NB for design our facilitation. Took his PDC and 90% of the students were underwhelmed.

Condescending, narcissistic, often cites conspiracies without scientific backing and exaggerates accomplishments; including personal methods and resources. Is NOT a legally listed non-profit. The women in the class felt uncomfortable from his advances. Lines his pockets on the hard-working backs of volunteers.

Misleading marketing and has put students in dangerous situations. Seeks glory, fame and credit through the diligence of others. Is a good cheerleader for permaculture but that's about it.

Has the personality of a charismatic cult leader. Ask to see his portfolio.


I've seen him sexually harassing young women in various locations/situations as well as talking about women in completely sexist fashion in front of colleagues. He lacks experience and expertise.

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