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Burtner is very misleading concerning his portfolio and actual experience with complete design and installs. He's been cited as claiming to be as well known as people like Darren Doherty and has insinuated that he knows more about Permaculture and regenerative design than Darren. All this while having only a few years experience into the Permaculture scene. He's attempted to design an underground house and has no engineering degree and offered no Civil Engineer approved plans to the hired operator that posted this complaint on one of the Lawton online PDC groups:

"Ok, I have some lessons learned to share from a project I just worked on. I am a heavy equipment operator and got hired on to do the excavation for an underground house.

1. Do not commit yourself to a project without first seeing the design. I assumed that this designer would be ready for me when I and the machine arrived. But there were no stakes in the ground, no design to be seen, and nothing prepared. I should have never gone to the project without first seeing the design. My work on the project is done but I still have not seen a design for the house. My work is some thing I take pride in and I was too ashamed to even take pictures of it. Don't let yourself get into this situation.

2. Never back down from your rate as a designer or skilled worker. I allowed myself to be talked down from my normal rate and system of billing. The idea was that I would have a good learning experience and get into the underground house community. I ended up only getting paid half of what I would have with my normal billing system and all I learned was what no to do when building an underground house.

3. Never accept favors from people you don't know. This designer got me some other work and expected me to give him respect without earning it, just because he had gotten me some work. Well the work turned out to be extremely painful for me and the client. Then when I tried to use my experience as an operator and carpenter he viewed it as undermining his project and that I should respect him because of all he'd done for me. It's better to earn things for yourself and not have to deal with peoples pride.

5. Plan your work, work your plan. Especially when building a house. You must have detailed plans and a strategy that will get you through the project efficiently.

4. This is just advice that will help on any job site. Always be prepared! Have tools on hand and be ready for any situation. Luckily i came prepared to this job site and we were able to get things done. The

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